Monday, September 24, 2012

Increasing Stamina with Chickpeas / String Bean

The food that we often encounter this everyday, either in cooking or in the form of daily snack that has many health benefits for our body. The food is classified as nuts, yes, Chickpeas / String Bean, a food that contains a variety of benefits, that it can also increase stamina.

Other than easy to get, chickpeas / string bean can also processed into various dishes. Chickpeas / String Bean, also known by the name of Vigna sinensis, is very easy to find, in the yard, garden, or in the fields. Because the treatment is not too difficult, make this plant easy plants and widely planted. String bean are also useful for controlling blood sugar levels, hypertension, minimizes the risk of heart attack and stroke, improve the functionning of the digestive organs, helps overcome constipation and helps reduce the risk of cancer.


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