Saturday, September 22, 2012

Padang Panjang City , “ the Serambi Mekkah City “

Padang Panjang City is a small town located in the Province of West Sumatera, Indonesia and is the smallest town by area in the Province.

This City also has a nickname as “ the Serambi Mekkah City “.  While it administrative area is surrounded by the city administrative are Tanah Datar Regency.

Padang Panjang town was once the seat of government while the Padang City, when the Dutch occupied the Padang City in the Dutch military aggression in 1947.

The City a Local Government formed under law No. 8 of 1956 on the establishment of an autonomous region within the small town of Central Sumatera Province on March 23, 1956. Furthermore, based on Law No. 1 of 1957, City status was aligned with the District and other Cities in Indonesia, and by Government regulation No. 13 ,1982, the Padang Panjang City is divided into two District with 16 Villages.


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