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Padang Panjang City , “ the Serambi Mekkah City “

Padang Panjang City is a small town located in the Province of West Sumatera, Indonesia and is the smallest town by area in the Province.

This City also has a nickname as “ the Serambi Mekkah City “.  While it administrative area is surrounded by the city administrative are Tanah Datar Regency.

Padang Panjang town was once the seat of government while the Padang City, when the Dutch occupied the Padang City in the Dutch military aggression in 1947.

The City a Local Government formed under law No. 8 of 1956 on the establishment of an autonomous region within the small town of Central Sumatera Province on March 23, 1956. Furthermore, based on Law No. 1 of 1957, City status was aligned with the District and other Cities in Indonesia, and by Government regulation No. 13 ,1982, the Padang Panjang City is divided into two District with 16 Villages.

Then based on the Padang Panjang City Local regulation Number 17 of 2004 established the Anniversary of The Padang Panjang City on December 1, 1790.

Padang Panjang City  located at high altitude, which is between 650 to 850 meters above sea surface, located in the mountain airy of temperate with a maximum air temperature of 26.1 ° C and minimum 21.8 ° C, with a high rainfall with an average of 3295 mm / year.

In the northern part and slightly to the west, lined the three mountains: Marapi Mountain, Singgalang Mountain and Tandikat Mountain.
By topography of this city located on an wavy the highlands, of which approximately 20.17% of the total area is an area of ​​relative ramps (the slope below 15%), and the the rest is sloping, steep hills, and often the case landslides due to unstable ground structure and relatively high rainfall. However on gently sloping areas in the city, is a fertile ground the type of Andosol and very good for farming.

At this City there is a Documentation and Information Centre of Culture Minangkabau (DICCM/PDIKM) located adjacent to Village Attractions Minangkabau (Minang Village), which provide information and documentation about the history and culture of Minangkabau in the form of books, microfilm, photographs and so on.

Also in this City there is also a family recreation area known as the Minang Fantasy Water Park or MIFAN consisting of waterpark with rides wave pool, current pool, a swimming pool for women, a special pool of children, spillbuckets and slide tower.

Attractions : Minang Fantasy (MIFAN) Water Park is an icon of tourism in the current City of Padang Panjang. That objects are claimed to be the largest, most complete and modern in Sumatera is a family recreation area is very interesting. Besides the play area, Mifan also equipped with a Cottage, Stage Music, Camping and Outbond Ground, Mushalla, Restaurant, Snack Counter, etc..

Near the entrance gate to the Padang Panjang City precisely in the area of the Silaing Bawah high bridge there.  High Bridge is a railway track Padang Panjang to Padang City. The Bridge was built in the Dutch colonial era with height of approximately 20 meters from the top surface of highway.

With a strong steel frame, the bridge is in a semicircle connecting the mountain chain on the right and left and just above the Batang Anai River Channels. This high bridge is unique because it is the only railroad in Indonesia are semicircular, curved downward.

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