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Due to the increase from one phase to the next phase occurs fairly quickly, so he suggested you bring your baby to the doctor immediately so noticeable early symptoms of a hernia. If it is positive, although still very light, the baby needed to have surgery to prevent a more severe stage of impairment.

But before, during examination, the doctor will palpate or feel the contents of the hernia with a fingertip, is still able to put back into the stomach or not.
Although it happens rarely, after surgery you should be aware of the possibility of a recurrence of the hernia. When relapse occurs within a few months or a year, this may be the result of surgery performed. However, the possibility of recurrence is very small due to a technical error. Now to you who suffer from the above, this herb can cure God willing, at least relieve your pain.

Composition, which are required:

A. One chicken egg.
2. Three tablespoons of honey.
3. Three tablespoons of cumin oil.
4. Water, sufficient.

How to mix:

Pour into a glass egg, honey and cumin oil and then add a little water, then stir until well blended. Then drink at a time when the morning, your results will be felt in the stomach ache. And if done repeatedly will get better soon hernia (axis) that you suffered. Try this recipe Insya Allah you recover as usual.

hopefully useful !!!!

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