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The emergence of the lump could be a sign that the baby is suffering from a hernia. Many people still think that the hernia only affect adults, especially seniors. Though the little one still a baby can also experience it. Recorded cases of infant hernia is pretty much even. when you hear the name may seem quite wonderful, the hernia was found to cause harm. When kept hushed without proper treatment, it can even lead to severe complications until death.

A hernia is the protrusion of the contents form a cavity through a weak part of the cavity wall is concerned. When it occurs in the stomach, stomach contents can protrude through a weak part. Most prominent is the intestinal organs.
Hernia is not a hereditary disease. The occurrence of hernia in infants is different from a hernia in adults is usually due to weakness of the abdominal wall muscles. Whereas in infants, a hernia that occurs in the abdominal area due to hereditary or congenital diseases.

Generally there are two types of hernia, which is internal and external.

1. Internal hernias are in the body and can not be seen in plain view eye. For example, Diaphragmatic hernia   where hernia the result of a gap in the diaphragm (the muscle between the stomach by dividing the chest) due to incomplete formation of the diaphragm. Another example is the esophageal hightail hernia, the hernia occurs through the esophagus into the entry slit of the chest cavity, and many other types.

2. External Hernia. Of this type of hernia is the most common is the inguinal hernia that appears in the groin and umbilical hernias that appear in the navel area. Babies usually have an external hernia which can be detected by naked eye as it looks in person.
The occurrence of an external hernia in infants are usually caused by congenital diseases, it diseases that occur when the unborn baby and generally no known cause. Generally boys more often had a hernia than women because of the decrease in testis / testes which lasted more complex reproductive organs.
Hernia were more common in premature babies, because at the time of his birth and the formation process of testicular descent rudimentary ligaments.

Inguinal hernia:

- At a baby boy due to the failure of the closure process that covers the testis sac. While in the womb, the testicles down from the abdomen down and stop when he got in the scrotum (sac testicles). This reduction process begins when the baby is still in the womb. When dropped, the testes will take lining of the stomach down to form a pouch. When born just months, generally the process of moving the testicles has been completed.

However, in some infants, the process of closing up to a ligament (connective tissue) does not work properly which ultimately leaves a hole. Well, here's a hole that could eventually lead to herniation. If only it contains fluid called hidrocele.

- The baby girl hernia occurs through a process like this: just as a baby boy, baby girl underwent a process of formation of the lower body organs are almost the same. However, when men experience the process of testicular descent, then women are not.

Umbilical hernia:

In the boys and girls umbilical of hernia occurs when closing the umbilicus (the former umbilical cord) is not perfect. Should, when making umbilical closure remain open. When this happens, it will leave a hole so the intestine can enter into the area.

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