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A hernia part consists of rings, bags, and the contents of the hernia itself. Contents of the intestinal hernia, ovarian, and colon tissue buffer . If there is a weak part of the lining of the abdominal wall, the colon can get out to where it should not, it can the diaphragm (the boundary between the stomach and chest), could in the groin, or in the navel. Hernias generally do not cause pain.

However, it will feel pain when the contents of the hernia ring sandwiched by the hernia. Infection due to hernia causing the patient great pain, and the infection spread and eventually poison the whole body. If it happens such circumstances, it should be handled by a doctor because the patient can be life threatening. Hernias can occur at any age, both young and old. In children or babies, are more often caused by defective processes vaginal is to close along with the decline in the testes or testicles. Usually the hernia is often affected infants or boys. In adults, a hernia occurs because of the high pressure in the abdominal cavity and abdominal wall muscle weakness due to aging.
Increased pressure within the abdomen can be caused by a chronic cough, constipation, an enlarged prostate in men, as well as people who are carrying heavy luggage. Hernia will increase in accordance with the addition of age. This can be caused by a weakening of support networks or due to an intestinal disease that causes increased pressure inside the abdomen.
Actually many people who know about the early symptoms of hernia disease, but often do not realize it. At first, symptoms are felt by the patient is in the form of a lump in the groin complaint. Usually occur when standing, coughing, sneezing, straining or lifting heavy items. Lump and pain will disappear when the patient lies down.
A hernia can be dangerous when it occurs by ring clamps hernia hernia contents. The blood vessels in the area will eventually die and there will be accumulation of toxins. If allowed to continue, then the poison will be spread throughout the abdomen that can cause an infection in the body.
Actually, not all hernias should be operated. If the herniated tissue can still be put back, then his action is simply to use a brace or corset to maintain the contents of the hernia that has been repositioned. In children or babies, spontaneous repositioning can occur due to the ring hernia in children is more elastic. When it can not be repositioned, so the only action that should be done is through surgery.
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