Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep listening to or learning

Keep listening to or learning, looking forward to the primary main sub idea. 

When you encounter the primary considerable sub-theme, decide on a recognize on the website to make many search conditions that add up the sub-theme. Draw a team throughout the sub idea conditions, and so be a aspect of your sub idea team to the most idea team with a variety. 

Each time you encounter a item new considerable sub idea, make down many search conditions to evaluation the new technique, and sketch a team round those conditions. Then sketch a variety to issue the sub idea team to the most technique team within the center of the website. Progressively you may have a team within the center with many spokes diverging from it. 

The selections or spokes do not have to be instantly, and that they may be of any length needed. The "circles" do not have to be circles; they will be items, triangles, or rectangular shape squiggles if you like. you'll be able to use absolutely different shades to help you organize the concepts higher.

As the speaker or author is regularly on the existing his concepts, you may realize that a variety of the concepts being given rectangular shape assess extra helping details that describe or illustrate one amongst the sub designs you've got already known. during this scenario you may make these "sub-sub-themes" down victimization basically many conditions, consist of them during a team or squiggle, and web weblink them to their sub idea with a variety. 

Eventually your sub-theme categories could have several spokes diverging from them because the author or speaker is regularly on the existing his concepts. At a look you may be able to procedure the significant designs of the discuss and therefore the real framework structure of the concepts.

If you happen to own any concepts of your own whereas you're learning or learning the period, jot them down furthermore. This shows you've got the brain definitely getting the content.

When you create a thoughts map or a learning map of all of your sees, you produce a awfully noticeable documents that differs a lot from traditional methods of creating sees for complexness. 

People who comprehend fantastic successfully can especially have the benefits of the way that learning maps clearly show the relationships between primary designs, sub designs and helping details and concepts. 

Try this technique and see if this is often the note-taking technique that functions best for you!

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